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The Lower Island Women’s Soccer Association is proud to put forth the Division 2 Fernwood City team as Footballer of the Week.  This team of female players exemplifies the spirit of team work, sportsmanship and skill within the lower island women’s league.  The team entered in Division 3 a couple of years ago, moving up in the ranks to win both the division title and most sportsmanlike team in the 2016-2017 season.

Week Of: 
2017-10-16 (All day)

ID Card Update

Submitted by Marta.Ausio on Thu, 2017-10-12 16:48


Please note that starting October 16th all players and team officials are required to have a LIWSA ID card which will be checked by the referee before each League & Cup game. 

Failure to produce the LIWSA ID card will result in the player not being able to participate in the game. Furthermore below are the LIWSA Rules pertaining to ID cards:



Club Field Status & Schedule Information

Submitted by Marta.Ausio on Fri, 2017-09-08 03:13

Club Fields Status & Field Information (links)

The following infomration found on the links provided are not managed or updated by the LIWSA but it is managed by each individual soccer club/association.  If there is any concerns with any of the information listed in the links below, please contact the respective club/association directly. 

IMPORTANT UPDATE - Criminal Record Check

Submitted by Marta.Ausio on Sun, 2017-09-03 00:30

This is a reminder to coaches, managers, people who use the technical area, board members and referees that the deadline for submitting criminal reference checks to the LIWSA is October 2, 2017. 

Team Officials that are not in compliance by October 2, 2017 will be required to hand in their cards and will be suspended from all LIWSA sanctioned activities.  

Game Scheduling Information 2017-2018

Submitted by Marta.Ausio on Tue, 2017-08-29 13:12

A big thank you to all those who responded with feedback and confirmation after reviewing the draft schedule, as this resulted in a difficult task once again this year.  This was greatly appreciated by yours truly.