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Prospect Lake Lakers

Leversedge Cup Winners

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Vic West FC Div 1 | Doug Day Cup Winners

2016 Doug Day Cup Winners

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2016 Terry Price Cup Winners

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All Star 2016

Coaches & Managers 2016/17 Meeting
Sunday September 11, 2016 @ 5:00 pm
Location: JDF Fieldhouse
*This meeting is mandatory & needs team representation or fines will be incurred. 


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2016/17 Update

Submitted by Marta.Ausio on Sun, 2016-08-14 22:30

Hello to all LIWSA members and fans,
Welcome to the 2016-2017 season. We hope teams are preparing for the upcoming season as it is quickly approaching. The season will run through from the September 9th weekend to Friday March 31. Some cups and provincials will run past this date......

No shows at AGM or Coaches/Managers Meetings for 2016/17

Submitted by Discipline on Mon, 2016-06-13 21:31
Due to poor attendance at the AGM this year (a number of clubs had NO representation from any of their teams), reluctantly LIWSA will be enforcing the rule/fine as per 13.1 "Failure to send a team representative to an AGM or Coaches and Managers meeting: $25.00 per occurrence" and recommending that the fine be increased to $50.00 for the 2016/17 season.

Promotion/Relegation 2016/17

Submitted by Discipline on Mon, 2016-05-30 17:56
Premier Gorge - relegated to Div 1; Division 1 Nanaimo - promoted to Premier, Cowichan - relegated to Div 2; Division 2 Juan de Fuca - promoted to Div 1, Vic A's - relegated to Div 3, Lakehill - relegated to Div 3; Division 3 Nanaimo - promoted to Div 2, Prospect Lake 2 - promoted to Div 2; O30A Division Juan de Fuca - relegated to O30B; O30B Division Cowichan - promoted to O30A.
Women's Div 1 Gorge FC Team Due to vacataions and team changes ... the team is going another week for tryouts. The team is fairly young, with players from numerous clubs (Gorge, Lakehill, Fuson, JdF, Bays) and age groups (majority are 19-23). The team is building for the future. Tuesday Aug 23th @ 8pm - Hampton Park Thursday Aug 25th @8pm - Hampton Park Contact: Drew Smyth (coach) drew.smyth@pensionsbc.ca Brad Hlasny (president) president@gorgesoccer.ca

Over 40's Division?

Submitted by Discipline on Mon, 2016-05-16 11:14
Are you interested in LIWSA establishing an Over 40's Division? Currently being considered by the executive, the division proposal includes the ability to play for more than one team, and to play in the over 40 division as well as our other divisions (players would not be required to choose), games-only, shorter halves, no statistics, modified discipline, etc. We are seeking one representative from each soccer club in LIWSA to help us organize and canvas club members for interested players. Contact Tanya Bellagente at competition@liwsa.com if you can help.