United Footballer Of The Week

Coaches Anton Boegman and Dave DesBrisay
Bays United Football Club
U13 Silver Boys

Lower Island Soccer Association Head Coach Andrew Latham nominated two Bays United U13 boys silver coaches for the honour of Footballers of the Week this year.  Here are his words:

I wanted to share with you my experience on Saturday morning as I had the pleasure of seeing the Bays U13 boys silver team play. During the game the team hit the post or bar 4-5 times and also had a goal disallowed with the score at 0-1. It was a correct decision by the ref, who was also first class in his performance, but it was one of those decisions that often start conflict in the game. The coaches of the Bays team never said a word and just continued to encourage the team to keep going. At the end of the game the ref explained his decision to the coaches and they just shrugged it off and everyone went home happy.

So often at LISA we spend our time dealing with the negatives and not celebrating the good people who are involved in the Game. I am pleased to nominate Coach Anton and Coach Dave for the Footballers of the Week as I believe they are the model that we should all follow!

Congratulations on being this week’s Footballer of the Week!

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Due to the large number of last minute requests for ID cards, LIWSA has decided to relax the requirement for card checks until the weekend of October 24-26. However, all teams and officials are expected to have completed any remaining documentation by that time, including player and team official ID cards and where required, team official criminal records checks. We cannot confirm that all referees have been notified before Oct 17-19 scheduled games, so please refer to this website post if necessary.

The LIWSA Rules and Regulations have been updated in our "Policies" area?  Rule 12.3 has been amended to include more specific procedures about rescheduling/postponing a game.  Please refer to 12.3 (i), (j), (k).  

i) If and when a team wishes to reschedule/postpone a game, the procedure is as follows:

The United Football Showcase Kicks off at Westhills Stadium on September 27

Some of Vancouver Islands top men’s, women’s and youth soccer teams will take to the pitch over the two day United Football Showcase

The LIWSA has registered with the BC Government Criminal Records Screening Program.  Any LIWSA volunteer can obtain a criminal record check for free.

1.  A reminder that all jewelry is to be removed (ear and nose piercings, earrings, bracelets (all material) etc.)  Also, if a player is wearing hemp or cloth type bracelets, we suggest that they wear sweatbands or tape.  If we can't see it , we can't ask them to remove it.
2.  We suggest that all teams have a first aid kit.  

50% of League Fees were due on Sept. 1st, with the remainder due on Oct. 1st.  If you haven't already done so, please mail cheques to LIWSA, PO Box 5489 LCD9 Victoria, British Columbia V8R 6S4.  If you have any questions please contact Janet at president@liwsa.com or Stephanie at treasurer@liwsa.com