2017/18 Team Registration Information

Hi Everyone,

LIWSA has updated our team registration form for the upcoming 2017-18 LIWSA season. The form can be found on our website at: http://www.liwsa.com/sites/default/files/uploaded_forms/liwsa_team_registration_form_12june2017_fillable.pdf

The Team Registration form and Team Registration fee is due on June 30th. Please submit the form to me electronically and place the team registration fee in the mail clearly marked with your club’s name.

You are receiving this email as you are the president, registrar or main contact for a club in our league, if the team contact normally fills out their own team’s registration form please forward it on to them or let me know.

Please ensure the following information is submitted, otherwise any missing information will delay or void the submission.

Team and Club Name is required.
Please write the team name as you would like it seen on the website.

One Coach & one Manager contact information is required. 
All individuals participating in the capacity of coach or manager must be registered with the LIWSA in order to be on the field or player bench during a game.

In the instance there is no designated individual to fill either or both roles, please include the contact info of the Club women’s rep in the required fields.  

This can be updated/changed before the first regular season game, with a direct email to registrar@liwsa.com.  It must include all pertinent information:  First & Last Name, Address, DOB, Phone Number, and email address.

Home Game Field and Home Game Kick-off day & time is required.
Teams are responsible for communicating with their respective club field schedulers with their preferred home game field and kick-off times.

In the instance this information changes between now and August 6th, the new information must be submitted to the LIWSA scheduler (communications@liwsa.com) no later than August 7th at 12:00 pm.

Club Field Scheduler contact information is required
Schedulers will be notified and contacted when the preliminary regular season schedule is ready for review and feedback in early August.  The final schedule will be emailed to them as well once ready and posted on the website no later than mid-August.

Fees are due as per noted on the form, any payments received past the indicated deadlines, will be subject to a late payment fee.


If you have any questions please contact me at registrar@liwsa.com.

Thank you,
Stacie Madelung
LIWSA Registrar