Game Scheduling Information 2017-2018

A big thank you to all those who responded with feedback and confirmation after reviewing the draft schedule, as this resulted in a difficult task once again this year.  This was greatly appreciated by yours truly.

The schedule will be published shortly online under the ‘Game Schedules’ top of the menu tab.  Any changes to any games, in any division must be followed up accordingly:

      1. Team requesting change must contact opposing team.
      2. Opposing must mutually agree to the change.
      3. If mutually agreed, the new game information must be submitted to liaison no later than September 29th to avoid the game change fee of $20 per change.
      4. The liaison will forward onto myself only once all the information is mutually agreed upon and confirmed. 

There are no exceptions.  Furthermore, do not forget that this year every division has games scheduled on the long weekends.  Please review and communicate to your players of this important change.  Any requests to reschedule on those long weekends please follow the steps outlined above and submit by September 29th to avoid the game change fee of $20 per game (yes that is correct, per game changed). Only games postponed due to weather-related field closures will be exempt from the $20 game change fee. 

A friendly reminder to all, any games that are postponed, including due to weather closure ….must be rescheduled and played within 21 days of the original scheduled date.  Games not rescheduled and played within the 21 days will be rescheduled by the Division Liaison to a time and location of the LIWSA’s choosing, with any field booking expense payable by the home team. [LIWSA Rules and Regulations, Section 12.3 (j) Game Regulations]

With no current open weekends set to possibly accommodate make up games, teams will have to prepare to play either during the week or two games on the weekend in order to complete any make-up game.  There may also be the opportunity to play make up games between March 1-18 all dependent of the standings and outcome of cup competition.

Any questions or concerns can now be directed to your respective liaisons. For reference purposes you can find their name and email contact info on our website under the ‘Divisions’ menu tab. I will be asking the liaisons to send out a welcome email to their respective division teams, which will include further information to help navigate throughout the upcoming season.