IMPORTANT UPDATE - Criminal Record Check

This is a reminder to coaches, managers, people who use the technical area, board members and referees that the deadline for submitting criminal reference checks to the LIWSA is October 2, 2017. 

Team Officials that are not in compliance by October 2, 2017 will be required to hand in their cards and will be suspended from all LIWSA sanctioned activities.  

Referees that are not in compliance by October 2, 2017 will not be scheduled for games until they have successfully completed a criminal record check. 

Board members that are not in compliance by October 2, 2017 will be unable to participate in league business until a satisfactory check has been received. 

In accordance with BC Soccer policy (Updated August 12, 2017 - Rule 21, section b, subsection i), LIWSA requires every coach, manager, person who uses the technical area, board member and referee to successfully complete a criminal record check every 3 years, unless you are exempt from the requirement.  Over 30s teams are exempt. If your team does not have any youth players (under 19) signed and does not intend on permitting any youth players then you can request an exemption from the requirement by sending an email to Please note that even though the Ministry of Justice site indicates every 5 years, it was recently voted on and passed at the last BCSA meeting criminal record checks are required every 36 months. 

If you have successfully completed a criminal record check in the last 3 years, for another purpose, you can forward a copy to

For anyone who needs to obtain a criminal record check, you must use the BC government criminal records review program to complete your criminal record check. To obtain a record check through this program follow the link posted below and verify your identity.  Criminal record checks through this program are free, fast and can be done online. 

Online Link:
Access Code: JP5PFDJK22

If you are unsure of the date of your last criminal record check or have any questions, concerns or comments please contact Carly at

Thanks on behalf of the LIWSA board.

LIWSA Risk Management Officer