Downloadable Forms

Form # Titlesort icon Description File
132 Absent Referee Report
To be used when Referee absent
133 Accident Claim Form
AllSport Insurance claim form
130 Adult Application to Transfer
Adult player transferring to another Adult Team
639 Application for Promotion
Teams requesting to be promoted must complete this form
129 International Transfer Form
Required for international players registering in LIWSA
854 LIWSA Over 40`s Registration
Registration for recreational O40`s division
131 Parental Liability Acknowledgement Form
Parental Liability Acknowledgement for Youth players
127 Referee Feedback
For all referee feedback
185 Risk Management - Criminal Record Check Letter
125 Team Registration Form
Team Registration Form 2017/18
128 Team Roster Form
LIWSA Game Roster Forms
581 Youth Application to Transfer
Youth player transferring to another Adult Team